Review. The Treatment – «Power Crazy» (2019)


Review of «power crazy», the new album of THE TREATMENT with which the band is determined to kick our asses

I will seldom have such a good opportunity, or so bad, to be able to review an album reflecting how it is … direct and fast. This is what has been transmitted to us by «Power Crazy» by THE TREATMENT

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Power Crazy is a punch on the table, a fist in your face, a kick in the ass! Pure energy, strength and … Hard Rock! 

Power Crazy is direct, forceful, fast!

Power Crazy is, in addition to speed and Hard Rock, blues and classic rock. They use this in more than one song, and sometimes makes me to remember, why not to say it?, to  AC / DC at their fists years and of course current Bonafide or Airbourne.

The treatment  - "hang them high" (official music video) #rockaintdead

Power Crazy are rhythmic bases without stridency, rhythm, like a clock, and guitars, many guitars, riffs, many riffs, very studied, with clean sounds, sharp and really studied and worked. The perfect sincronization of Gray, Tagore and Tao, is fantastic.

The treatment - "let's get dirty" (official lyric video) #rockaintdead

Power Crazy is also the signing of Tom Rampton, a singer with a more classic, hardrocker and sharp edge. Tom takes a turn to the style of the previous singer, Mitchel Emms, with whom they released Generation Me. How has it changed? In that now they are more direct, wilder, more «dirty». Before, the essence was the same but the style of voice, and singing, Emms was not so «badass» was more melodic. The good thing about that, that made them more peculiar, more special, now you can think that they another «copy» of AC / DC, and without personality, but that´s not true.


With everything and with that, it is a fantastic álbum, and probably it will be one of the best of 2019. I hope they come back to Spain to kick our asses with their great songs, and attitude. The Treatment, your Spanish Troops are waiting for you!

Songlist of «Power Crazy» by The Treatment

  1. Let’s Get Dirty
  2. Rising Power    
  3. On the Money
  4. Bite Back           
  5. Luck of the Draw           
  6. Hang Them High            
  7. Scar With Her Name    
  8. King of the City               
  9. Waiting for the Call      
  10. Laying It Down               
  11. The Fighting Song          
  12. Falling Down


Lineup  The Treatment 

  • Tagore Grey. Guitar
  • Tao Grey. Guitar.
  • Dhani Mansworth. Drums.
  • Rick Newman. Bass.
  • Tom Rampton. Voice

Review by Ape Navarro



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