Setlist & Youtube Playlist for AVANTASIA Moonglow Tour 2019


AVANTASIA Moonglow Tour 2019 has started and now we have the first setlist and a youtube playlist with all the songs ordered.

The AVANTASIA Moonglow Tour is already underway and we could not resist to find out what they are playing. Below we detail the setlist they presented on March 27 in Poland and that surely will not vary much in the coming weeks.

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This is the tour official trailer


On this tour as you will see some songs from his new album Moonglow,  you can read here our review

AVANTASIA Moonglow Tour 2019 SETLIST

This is the list of songs they have played in their first concert of the tour:

  • 1. Ghost in the Moon
  • 2. Starlight (Ronnie Atkins)
  • 3. Book of Shallows (Ronnie Atkins)
  • 4. The Raven Child (Jørn Lande)
  • 5. Lucifer (Jørn Lande)
  • 6. Alchemy (Geoff Tate)
  • 7. Invincible (Geoff Tate)
  • 8. Prelude. Reach Out for the Light
  • 9. Moonglow (Adrienne Cowan)
  • 10. Maniac (Eric Martin)
  • 11. Dying for an Angel (Eric Martin)
  • 12. Lavender (Bob Catley)
  • 13. The Story Ain’t Over (Bob Catley)
  • 14. The Scarecrow
  • 15. Promised Land
  • 16. Twisted Mind
  • 17. Avantasia (Geoff Tate)
  • 18. Let the Storm Descend Upon You
  • 19. Master of the Pendulum (Ronnie Atkins)
  • 20. Shelter from the Rain
  • 21. Mystery of a Blood Red Rose (Bob Catley)
  • 22. Lost In Space
  • 23. Farewell (Adrienne Cowan)
  • 24. Sign of the Cross
  • 25. The Seven Angels

AVANTASIA Moonglow Tour 2019 Youtube Playlist

For those who want to prepare the bolus thoroughly, we have prepared this YouTube playlist so that it will not be easier for you, with all the topics ordered:



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